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The APSI Advantage

APSI excels in providing specialized, custom-engineered solutions to problems affecting aging Air Handler Units (AHU’s).  These problems include:

  • Reduced airflow caused by impacted and oxidized coils

  • Leaking condensate drain pans

  • Rusting blower assemblies

  • Bacterial/fungal contamination

Our time-proven strategies have resulted in greatly extending the designed, functional life expectancy of these mechanical systems - sometimes as much as 10 to 15 years - at a mere fraction of replacement costs.


Most buildings in the Commercial and Healthcare sectors are aging into their 50's.

Air handling systems account for 40-50% of energy costs in hospitals and commercial buildings.

Under-performing AHU's have reduced airflow, increased energy usage, and can also host

a plethora of microbial contaminants.

Reimbursement rate reductions recently announced by the Centers for Medicare and

Medicaid Services (CMS) have resulted in drastic operational cuts as well as capital budget

cuts in many facilities.  Maintenance budgets are always one of the first to be cut.



The capital expense to replace existing air handling equipment can be staggering.

Finding the specialized skills required to address varying corrosions and contaminants within AHU's can be difficult.

Shutting down critical care areas and server rooms for AHU maintenance requires detailed work plans and timelines.


Air Purification Specialists, Inc. has nearly 30 years of experience cleaning and maintaining air handling equipment and systems in commercial and medical facilities.  It is our mission to ensure your commercialized building’s air quality

is clean and that your equipment is well managed.  Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Air handling system hygiene assessments/building diagnostics

  • Air handler unit refurbishment

  • Cleaning and decontamination of air handling equipment

  • Air duct cleaning and restoration

  • Condensate drain pan refurbishment

  • Blower assembly resurfacing

  • High pressure steam cleaning of chill water coils to eliminate contamination and increase energy efficiency


Our detailed assessment process will provide accurate data as to whether your systems are clean and energy efficient.

For more information on a building evaluation CALL NOW!!!   800-672-3386 

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